Book Clubs

We love book clubs . . . 


Whether you’re a haphazard group drinking wine in someone’s living room, or a seriously organized club affiliated with a bookstore, if your book club is reading about Clare, we’re happy to connect with you.

What we’ll do:

Barnes & Noble Book Club
Readers will root for Clare as she finds an idiosyncratic way to track down the killers.
  • Send Death Plays Poker playing cards. One shiny deck for every member of your club. We’ll mail these anywhere in North America free of charge.
  • Prepare a set of talking points to kickstart your discussion
  • Arrange a time for Robin to be available on Skype to answer questions and hear your feedback
  • If your club is in or close to Vancouver, Robin would be happy to appear in person (and then disappear discreetly if you’d like to discuss the book without her)
  • If your club is online, Robin is happy to join your discussion on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, or any other outlet where you like to chat books.


To get started, send us your club’s mailing address and a date that works for you in the form below and we’ll get cards sent to you.

Alternatively, feel free to use this form to ask questions.

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