A believable tale of estrangement, love, lust, greed, power and revenge.

Publishers Weekly

 A young snowboarder is found dead on a Whistler ski run, and local police want to close the case as suicide. The victim's mother, a New York senator, will not accept that verdict. At her request, the FBI sends in an undercover agent -- Clare -- to mix with Sacha's friends and find out who killed Sacha and why.


Dropped into a world of partying with ski bums and snow bunnies, Clare soon discovers that Sacha was running Canadian LSD across the American border.

The problem: Sacha's friends know an FBI agent is in town, so they're not trusting strangers with anything more than hello.

As suspicion snowballs, Clare's cover becomes too precarious for comfort. Can she solve this case before she's buried alive?

“The book’s not only charming; it’s got swagger. Buy yourself a copy, and then strap on a helmet because Death’s Last Run is a twisty, turny, mogul-filled ride from start to thrilling finish.  

- Katrina Niidas Holm in Crimespree Magazine

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